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Question: I am a Mac Support Professional or Consultant, but I've gotten along just fine over the years without a branded support tool or the ability to remotely control my customer's Macs. Why should I consider subscribing to a Mac HelpMate Professional account?

Answer: No matter how good you are at telephone support, that doesn't mean that the person on the other end of the phone is capable of accurately describing how their Mac is not performing like it should. Often, this frustration leads to a wasted trip to the customer's site. A Mac HelpMate Professional account subscription effectively extends your service area and can save hundreds of dollars in gas each year, while allowing a Consultant or support professional to respond almost instantly, as long as their customer has a working Internet connection, even if the customer or support professional is travelling from one network to another. For more information on how to use Mac HelpMate to increase your consulting income, contact us at MOST. Also, in our tests, we found that customers readily embranced the presence of a branded support application easily accessible in their Dock and that it raised their confidence in their consultant's abilities and the awareness of their relationship with that consultant.

Question: I like the capabilities that a Mac HelpMate Professional account subscription has to offer, but I am not a Mac Consultant or computer support professional. I'd like to use Mac HelpMate once in a while to help out a friend or family member. Is there something like a "Mac HelpMate Personal Edition" account subscription?

Answer: Mac HelpMate was designed to be a tool for Mac Support Professionals and Consultants, but at MOST we have acknowledged that there is an interest in a non-engraved short-term use account subscription and are currently looking into methods of delivering such access. If you'd like to be notified when we start testing such a service, please sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of out home page.
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