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We support hundreds of workstations and servers across a tri-state region, and remote support has long been a necessity for our effectiveness and success. Mac HelpMate and Auto HelpMate have enabled us to quickly and easily support users both during and after business hours, all without any sort of configuration headaches with network infrastructure. Until recently, the one weak link was the need to always have a computer and internet connection nearby to help someone out.  With the recent introduction of Mac HelpMate and Auto HelpMate for iPhone, the package is now complete! The interface is intuitive and the integration with Jaadu VNC makes sense and "just works." It's great to have an additional weapon in our arsenal to support our clients whenever and wherever the need arises. 


Sam Bergin, ACTC and Apple Certified Trainer

New Jersey


I was at a client's where I previously installed MHM. I was asked to do this and that. One item was un-file-vault the user's home directory. I began it, and it quoted me 2 hours, and stuck to its story. I needed to get to another appointment. I started up, registered his machine, checked that indeed I could control it with the decrypt progress bar on screen. That was perfect. I left, and completed the task from my next consulting location. Sweet!


Reed Jackson, ACSA and Systems Engineer
Reed Jackson Enterprises

Sacramento, CA


Auto HelpMate has been an instrumental key to the success of our Digital Menubox product. Offering the ability to update and modify content on our signage to clients both locally and remotely in other cities and countries, Auto HelpMate gives us the ability to connect remotely with ease and efficiency quickly and reliably from remote locations to verify content and perform system updates.

In addition to assisting with the day to day operations and management of our systems, Auto HelpMate enables us to provide clients with remote support and troubleshoot any issues they might be having while using our webtools to create and control content, enabling us to see what they're seeing and provide visual training and support in real time.

We've been using the product for over two years now and feel confident as we continue to grow and expand that Auto HelpMate will provide us with the remote access we need, without complicated network settings or configurations to expand into new markets.

Olivier Centner, Kiosk Entrepenuer

Toronto and Chicago



We got rid of the slow and mediocre Netopia eCare remote control software and replaced it with a very cool new program called, “Mac HelpMate.” Dean Shavit, a longtime Mac user and technical support professional, designed it, and it’s not only faster than eCare, it does a lot more.

Bob “Dr. Mac” LeVitus
Head Honcho
Dr. Mac Consulting

Dear Dean [Dean Shavit, Developer of Mac HelpMate],

I wanted to take the time to thank you not only for developing the excellent Mac HelpMate but also for the fantastic seminar you presented for Apple Consultants and Mac HelpMate Subscribers at Create More [in San Francisco] last Monday night for MacWorld 2007.

It was a rare privilege to attend a seminar with so much high level information presented in such an easy-to-understand and organized manner.

That seminar is going to have a massive impact on the way I deliver services at the client. It will drastically change how much stuff (or now, how little stuff) I will have to take with me when I go on site; and, it will greatly reduce the situations when I have to go onsite.

In fact, the only reason to show up in person is now for the personal aspects of signing the contract and dropping by to say hello, deliver some donuts, and chat about their satisfaction!!! *grin*

The Mac and ACN community in particular is very lucky to have you.

All the best wishes for a very successful 2007 with your excellent product.


Alex Narvey
Apple Authorized Reseller
Precursor Systems
Manitoba, CA

(when I have sufficient Internet connection speed...) Mac HelpMate's extremely convenient and timely to consult with clients. They're always impressed with the technology and immediacy of service.


Brian Dirsmith
Brian Dirsmith and Associates
Chicago, IL
Apple Consultant's Network

I've used Mac HelpMate with almost all my clients, and while many of them have used Timbuktu or PC anywhere before, they are all shocked at the speed and the ease of use of Mac HelpMate.


Andrew Zipkes

Brooklyn, NY