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Our New Subscriber Community and Portal is Now Active and Available!

The Mac HelpMate Subscriber Portal Contains:

  • Instructions on how to use Mac HelpMate, including video tutorials
  • Technical information on how to deploy Mac HelpMate
  • Marketing information for selling Mac HelpMate as a managed service for Consultants
  • Marketing information  for leveraging Mac HelpMate as a managment tool and service for Apple Resellers and Specialists

To Access the Mac HelpMate Subscriber Portal:

1. Confirm that you have an active Mac HelpMate subscription or trial account in progress. If you'd like a trial, sign up here
2. Once you have your active account, log in at, then to visit the portal, simply click the "Member Portal" link at the top of the page.

What can a Mac HelpMate Professional Subscription do for my Macintosh Consulting Business?

Zero-configuration Remote Screen Sharing and Control

Mac HelpMate Remote allows you to instantly respond to your customers' questions or concerns, as long as you and they have access to the Internet with zero-configuration screen sharing that's highly encrypted and secure. 

Zero-configuration means that Mac HelpMate Remote requires no manipulation of router settings or port forwarding at either end of the connection, no VPN: you and your customer do not even need to know the IP address of each other's Mac or router. All your customer needs is your personalized copy of Mac HelpMate, an Internet connection, and the ability to click a single button. This mean you can spend more time helping your customer without the up-front work of poking holes in a firewall to establish a connection; and even if either one of you is on the move (at Starbucks or a hotel), Mac HelpMate can connect you to them from almost anywhere. Your customers will think it's magic.

That means that whether your customer is doing business in China or sitting at the local Starbuck's coffeeshop, they're within your service area. It also means that you can travel from spot to spot. As long as you're able to connect to the Internet (even tethered to a cell phone data network), your help desk is open for business.

Extreme Value

The Mac HelpMate Professional Account Subscription service is run by some very clever, very tech-savvy Mac OS X experts who have figured out a way to deliver this service for a price no other zero-configuration remote administration option can approach. To see how Mac HelpMate stacks up in features and value, download this comparison chart.

Branding and Service Awareness

With a Mac HelpMate Professional Subscription, you "engrave" the main application window with your own company's logo and/or contact information.
The logo becomes a large button that your customer can use to reach you or even open a ticket in your helpdesk system or send you an email - your choice. There's also an "email my tech" feature that allows your customer to send you an email messages through a special delivery system that works over an alternate port even when their regular email account is experiencing problems even on networks where SMTP (port 25) traffic is blocked by the ISP.

A Community of Consultants

While many Mac HelpMate Professional subscribers are also members of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN) or are Apple Resellers or members of the Mac Xprts network, you don't need an affiliation with anyone to join the Mac HelpMate community forums. However, as a Mac HelpMate Professional subscriber, you'll enjoy the ability to have your troubleshooting problems addressed by some of the sharpest and most experienced Mac OS X Consultants (not to mention the developer of Mac HelpMate) and experts anywhere in the private area of the forum reserved for subscribers.

Not a Subscriber to Mac Helpmate Professional with Mac HelpMate Remote Zero-Configuration Screen Sharing Yet? Click Here to Find Out the Benefits of a Subscription.