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3/7/2007 v 2.1

Major New Feature: Auto HelpMate


  • Addition of AutoActivation capability: AHM (Auto HelpMate) which allows for screen sharing even if no one is logged in

  • Web-based HelpMate Connection Manager for Auto HelpMate allows for management of remote sessions

  • Registration of Auto HelpMate computers  with the HelpMate Connection Manager from the Mac HelpMate GUI

  • Auto-population of active sessions in the Mac HelpMate control window

  • URL support for initiating screen control with two clicks

  • Growl notifications when a machine is ready to control

Changes for Mac HelpMate Professional Subscribers


  • User-initiated screen sharing to control in under 30 seconds

  • Optional Mac HelpMate Quick Connect (MHMQC) status item in Menu Bar

  • Single-click screen sharing from the MHMQC status item in Menu Bar

  • Authentication information now "automagically" appears instantaneously in a popup list in the Mac HelpMate GUI, no email is necessary to transmit authentication codes

  • Support for the free Chicken of the VNC viewer for full-screen mode and all Mac OS X keyboard commands and shortcuts

  • Support for the commercial Vine Viewer allows for VNC screen scaling so that larger Desktops may fit completely inside smaller displays as well as all Mac OS X keyboard commands and shortcuts

  • Control Session log keeps a record of sessions for billing or auditing purposes

  • Mac HelpMate now stores the screen control password in the keychain

  • "Email my Tech" now gives the same detail level (including serial) number when sending System Profiler report as when emailing System Profiler report during screen sharing

  • The "big branding" button now supports four subscriber-configurable actions: 1) open a particular URL 2) create a new email in the default email program 3) open the Remote Support Window 4) bring up the contact form to email to the subscriber


Changes for All Mac HelpMate Users


  • Mac HelpMate now give visual feedback regarding the state of preferences such as Dock position, pinning, minimization effect, and status of each preference toggle

  • DHCP informatoin added to the diagnostics menu

  • DNS information added to the diagnostics menu

  • User and Volumes palette added to allow cleaning functions to be performed on any user account or any attached volume without loggin in as that user

  • Added "Delete User's Trash" cleaning item

  • "Clean User Caches" preserves spotlight metadata and login pictures taken with Photo Booth

  • Added "Clean Microsoft Office Font Caches"

  • S.M.A.R.T Tests now use version 5.3.7 of the smartmontools to add support for Intel Macs

  • Progress indicators now only display when active

  • Preferences window now returned to Main Menu bar's "Mac HelpMate" menu

  • Mac HelpMate no longer depends on the Finder, so those running an alternate Finder like Path Finder do not have to have the Finder running

  • Mac HelpMate now launches much more rapidly

  • Cleaning tasks may now be performed on any user account on the boot volume, or on mounted volumes such as Firewire drives or Macs in target disk mode via the "Users and Volumes" palette in the "View" menu

6/22/06 v. 1.1

  • Packed preferences are now copied on launch with correct permissions

  • Failure to connect to the internet does not cause the display of a "generic" graphic but allows the subscriber's graphic to display

  • It is now possible to change the display graphic for newly downloads without affecting those already "in the field"

  • It is now possible to create multiple branded editions for each subscriber

  • Attempts to "fake" a branded graphic now causes the application to shut down

  • "Email my Tech" has a lot more detail (contact information, System Profiler Report)

  • User can now be prompted for a problem report while starting screen sharing

  • Basic (unauthenticated) Proxy server support for screen sharing/control

  • GUI enhancements for screen sharing (single button)

  • GUI enhancements for screen control (single button)

  • More streamlined GUI (some renaming/redesign of interface elements)

  • Preference to remember session length and longer maximum session length

  • Faster startup times

  • Integrated timer window for control sessions shows the session length from start to finish

  • Steppers in Auto tab now move smoothly and don't cause MHM to unexpectedly quit

  • Application will shut down if its name does not contain "Mac HelpMate"

  • replaced some old "beta" error message strings

  • Visual connection icon indicator and better error handling for debugging failed connections

  • "Maximize Speed" option in Control window maximizes bandwidth efficiency

  • Quality/Speed slider for Control sessions

  • Added [MHM] to the subject line for all emails to assist in whitelisting for spam filters

  • It is now possible to re-open the main Mac HelpMate window after closing it

  • Added keyboard shortcuts for Mac HelpMate Remote, Mac HelpMate Main, and Control Timer

  • Added Mac HelpMate Remote, Mac HelpMate Main, and Control Timer to the "View..." menu

  • It is now possible to drag and drop Security Secrets and Control Keys from the body of an email message as a single selection and have them automatically parsed into the correct text fields

  • Subscribers to Mac HelpMate Professional can now customize the behavior of the "Big Button" on the "Info" tab to either open a URL, send an email to a specific address, open the Mac HelpMate Remote screen sharing window, or do nothing

  • Failures to control a remote machine are now specifically identified either via a connection icon or specific error message that indicates the cause of the failure

  • HFSDebug menu choice  now appears again on Intel Macs. Thanks to Amit Singh for updating his great binary! 

  • Added "View Journal Buffer" to the HFSDebug window

  • Added "Total Free Extents" to the HFSDebug window

  • Added "In-Memory Mount Data" to the HFSDebug window

  • Help pages are now hosted on the web rather than contained inside the application (smaller application, faster downloads)

3/7/06 v. 1.0

  • Many bug fixes

  • Universal Binary

  • PPC target for 10.4 and 10.3

  • Speed optimizations

  • Application bundle

  • Fixed "bigger" v. "smaller" three-digit control key bug

  • Fixed "blue tinge" bug on Intel Macs

2/16/06 Beta Release v. 99n

  • Bug fix release, including:

  • Applescript error at startup

  • Error when initiating screen control

  • Pre-personalization (Engraving) for distribution to customers

2/14/06 Beta Release v. 99m

  • Added the ability to choose long or short name for the greeting

  • Added many many pref toggles

  • Contextual help for all menu choices

  • "Reset launch services" added to Clean menu

  • "Mac HelpMate Remote" feature for on-demand screen sharing and remote help desk sessions through firewalls and NATs is now fully functional

  • Mac HelpMate is now Panther compatible

  • Numerous bug fixes

  • ASR Multicast Server now has the ability to use agreggate interfaces (bonded ethernet connections)

  • Engraving and personalization feature now fully functional with customized URLs for the company logo on the first screen

  • "Email my Tech" is now fully functional

  • call 773-506-2100 for account information

1/6/06 Beta Release v. 99a

  • MacWorld Public Beta

Beta Release v .96b

  • Minor bug fixes for ASR Multicast Server

Beta Release v .96a

  • Fixed compatibility issues with 10.4.3 (-1762 error)

  • Added tail/head options to Command Output window and fixed cosmetic error with window widgets

  • Added Mac Helpmate action log located at: /Library/Logs/machelpmate.log

  • Fixed miscellaneous random errors

  • Admin fucntions grayed out until authentication

  • Info tab is now first in the main window

  • Authentication now manually initiated (click lock icon)

  • Added Software Update Server preference feature for Tiger

  • Changed some appearance stuff - new gray inlays - new drop down menus on main tab

  • Added automation tab

  • Added prefs to save automation view

  • Feedback sheets are now resizeable

  • Scheduling of automated tasks via cron

  • Added support for Growl Notifications 

  • Code Optimizations for speed and stability

  • Added preference toggle for expanding save dialogs across all applications

  • Added hardware sensor data

  • Added show free RAM function

  • Added preference toggle for Dashboard

  • Added Easter egg

  • ASR Multicast server now requires 10.4.3 (many new features)

  • Added "reset" button to Multicast ASR Server

  • New Multicast "loop delay" property for 10.4.3

  • New ASR multicast "client timeout" setting for 10.4.3

Beta Release v .93a

  • Added Command Log Window

  • Fixed spurious autoupdate issue

  • Added additional error handling in ASR server

9/8/05 Beta Release v .93

  • Expanded preferences include Software Update

  • List Open Files works

  • Greatly expanded error handling throughout

  • Application now quits when main window closes

  • Keyboard equivalents now behave as expected (Return & Esc)

  • Authentication errors are now quiet reminders instead of dialogs

  • Added "Desktop Visibility" preference toggle

8/23/05 Beta Release v .92d

  • Began preferences subsystem

  • ASR Mulitcast Server Settings now "stick" between launches

8/23/05 Beta Release v .92c

  • Added online update check feature

8/22/05 Beta Release v .92b

  • Corrected issue with S.M.A.R.T scripts (please test)

  • Corrected broken hfsdebug routines

8/20/05 Beta Release v .92a

  • Shiny new application icon is actually visible 

  • Added completely new S.M.A.R.T reporting window

  • Added completely new hfsdebug reporting window

  • Removed texture (metal) from all sheets

  • Go buttons respond to "Return" and "Escape" as expected

  • Beta .dmg files now are numbered to avoid confusion

8/20/05 Beta Release v .91b

  • Corrected issue with "Validate Preference Files" subroutine

  • Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Maintenance now provide feedback in log window

  • Changed tab names to functions from glyphs for interface consistency

8/17/05 Beta Release v .91a

  • Widened text field at the top of the window to avoid unexpected line breaks

  • Optimized the launch sequence for faster startup response

  • Improved the application's "karma" routines

8/15/05: Beta Release v .9


Initial Release