3/28/08: Major Auto HelpMate Connection Manager Update! Print E-mail
 For the past six months, we've been working very hard on improvements to the Auto HelpMate Connection Manager. If you're reading this, I'm sure you've already seen some of them! Here's a short list of some of the details:

Drastically improved user interface

1) Columns are now sortable by clicking on the headings

2) Helpful tooltips help guide you through the actions

3) New icons to indicate the state of a registered computer (blue of available, red for shared, gray for offline)

4) When you filter your list to concentrate on a particular group of computers, you can now refresh the selection without losing it

5) To edit a machine's details, simply click its name

6) Lock icon next to sharing state icon indicates a password-protected computer

7) Added line numbering for easier reference

8) CSS-based highlight indicates the position of the mouse

9) Version number of Auto HelpMate components displayed

10) Alert icon indicates if uptime alerts have been configured for a particular machine

New Features and Capabilities

1) Password-protected computer groups. Now it is possible to restrict certain lists (such as your personal machines) from your co-workers. It also allows for managers to delegate access to engineers or technicians at their own discretion without making all computers available to everyone at the company. Computers that are members of a password protected group will appear with a lock next to their sharing state icon and will prompt for the group password when someone attempts to initiate screen sharing on that computer

2) Uptime alerts. You can now configure uptime alerts to email you when a computer in your list of Auto HelpMate registered computers is not able to communicate with the Mac HelpMate gateway. If you manage servers, it's a great tool to be alerted if one goes down for any reason. If you have to "catch" a road warrior, it's a good way to know when they're online. Uptime alerts can happen once, or on an interval of your choice. Alerts are also posted to your Auto HelpMate Connection Manager page

3) Centralized Updates. Starting with version 2.5 of Mac HelpMate, we're leveraging the Sparkle framework to allow subscribers to control when / if their customers should receive personalized application updates, and soon we will also build-in the ability to update the Auto HelpMate components from the Connection Manager as well
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