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3/8/06- Chicago, IL

MOST Training & Consulting, a nationally-recognized provider of Mac OS X IT workshops is pleased to debut their new support software, Mac HelpMate, a collection of command-line utilities and open-source tools with a user-friendly interface. What once required minutes or hours of typing in the Terminal can now be accomplished in a matter of seconds. Mac HelpMate cleans up trash files, cleans out caches and removes unwanted log files. It detects files that are eating up free space, as well as runs low-level S.M.A.R.T. diagnostic reports to preemptively detect hard disk failures before data loss occurs. Maintenance tasks may be scheduled to run automatically, while notifying the user via the Finder or Growl when completed. Mac HelpMate contains over 200 individual command-line functions all in an easy-to-use GUI. It can also act as a multicast ASR server for mass deployments (10.4 only). This is a real asset for large corporations or educational institutions needing to deploy many Macs. But Mac HelpMate's ground-breaking feature is Mac HelpMate Remote, a screen-sharing/control ability which requires zero configuration on the part of the user.  No port forwarding or walking clients through network preferences is necessary, and firewalls, routers and NATs are no longer an obstacle, allowing for remote help in all situations, including airplanes, hotspots or even cell phone connections. All Mac HelpMate network traffic is secured with an encryption method stronger than SSL (the same technology used to process credit card transactions).

"We got rid of the slow and mediocre Netopia eCare remote control software and replaced it with a very cool new program called, “Mac HelpMate.” It's not only faster than eCare, it does a lot more," says Bob "Dr. Mac" Levitus, Head of Dr. Mac Consulting.  "I can now offer my clients on-demand help wherever they are, whether or not I have set them up with Remote Desktop (which is slower) or Timbuktu (which costs them money) and it is so simple," says Allen Hancock of Baton Rouge, a certified member of the Apple Consultant's Network.  "I love that they can download a 1 MB file, open it, and two clicks later give me full, secured access to their computers. . . It is also nice that Mac HelpMate doesn't install anything that can't be removed by throwing away the application!"

The application itself is free, and available at: In order to utilize the remote control function, an annual subscription fee of $600 is required. Members of select Macintosh professional organizations such as the Apple Consultants Network (ACN) are entitled to a discounted subscriptions available through each organization's website.  Mac HelpMate Professional also allows the user to personalize their copy of Mac HelpMate with their own URL and graphic. This makes Mac HelpMate a perfect calling card for consultants and support professionals. The program can be left in the client's dock, providing instant support when necessary. Mac HelpMate also allows clients to directly email their techs, a great solution if there is a problem with an e-mail program or mail server.

Developed as  a way to assist support professionals with their frustrations and needs, Mac HelpMate was designed by longtime Mac user and Mac support professional Dean Shavit, who has access to a network of other Mac support professionals. “I've used Mac HelpMate with almost all my clients, and while many of them have used Timbuktu or PC anywhere before, they are all shocked at the speed and the ease of use of Mac HelpMate,” reports Andrew Zipkes from dataLAB in Brooklyn, NY.  Mac HelpMate is also a Universal binary, and one version will support OS 10.3 & 10.4, with compatibility for 10.2 and 10.1 forthcoming.  Allan Hancock sums it up best: “It is amazing how fast I have come to rely on Mac HelpMate.”

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For more information on Mac HelpMate or MOST Training and Consulting, Please contact Dean Shavit, Sales Manager, Dean [at] or call 773-506-2100 x124.
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