Does Auto HelpMate save Control Passwords on Each Machine? Print E-mail
Question: Every time I register a machine for Auto HelpMate with the Connection Manager, I have to enter my control password. I am concerned that:

1) my control password is saved in a file on the machine somewhere where it may be compromised

2) when I decide to change my control password, I will have to go back to every machine I've registered and change it on that machine as well


Answer: Control passwords are only saved in one place - on the Mac HelpMate accounts server. The only reason you must enter the control password when registering a machine is for authentication - as we don't want any random folks filling up our database with machines that shouldn't be there. If you decide to change your control passwords (you can do so in the "account" settings in the Connection Manager), that will be the only place you need to change the password - everything else will continue to function as normal.
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