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Mac HelpMate Subscribers in the Spotlight...

Dallas Texas: David Sewell of Sewelltech 

Sewelltech Started out as a small one person shop in 1993, providing Macintosh Consulting to local area business and individual in Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. We learned early on that we loved working on Macs, and the satisfaction we get from helping our customer is immense.

In 1998 Sewelltech became an Apple Authorized Value Added Reseller and Apple Authorized Service Provider taking the scope of service we can offer to our clients to the next level.

Sewelltech combines years of creative experience and technical experience to offer a very specialized service. We help creative businesses with technology. Having worked as graphic designers, art directors and photographers ourselves, we understand the needs of creative professionals.

Over time Sewelltech has demonstrated exceptional, consistent, and comprehensive knowledge of Apple technology, offers its entire line of hardware and software, offers complete service and support for branded products.

As response to a growing need for more comprehensive support from our corporate and individual clients, Sewelltech began to look at variety of remote support options and solutions. Most were clunky at best, required changing network set up, and unreliable. In 2007 we starting testing Mac HelpMate and Auto HelpMate products, From the first time we saw and used the product we were blown away by how easily it just worked, our clients thought it was simply just "magic". We were hooked. Now today we rely on the product for a variety of support items, from remote screen sharing, alerts, and asset gathering and management. Mac HelpMate and Auto HelpMate products have allowed Sewelltech to respond quickly to client needs, questions or concerns, whether they are doing business in China or sitting at the local Starbuck's coffeeshop, Sewelltech is able to help.

Often, we are contracted by a company's internal IT staff to help provide the same IT services that they provide to the PC users but don't have the ability to provide the same quality of support for their Macs. In other cases, we are the IT department, providing all day-to-day help desk needs as well as making recommendations for future needs.

Even before Apple turned into high fashion, we were providing affordable repairs and support for Mac products, well before it was cool to own them. We take pride in helping people you use their Macs to make a living not just look good.



South Florida: John Stephen and Fobis Technologies


Fobis Technologies Inc. located in Miami, FL began operations in March 2000 as product based company. The company developed and continues to sell a line of simple to use TV remote control products for children and the elderly called “weemote®”. Understanding the value of good product design, the company began offering consulting services to the Apple community in 2005. John Stephen who is the founder of the company worked for Apple as a Mac Genius prior to expanding the business to Apple services.  That experience provided a solid basis for the company to understand the needs of Apple users.

While specializing in certain areas such as CRM and user training, Fobis provides a wide range of consulting services to residential, SOHO and small business customers. The company understands the challenges in making things work smoothly and trouble free for small companies with limited resources. Anything recommended is either being used by Fobis itself on a day-to-day basis or has been thoroughly evaluated and tested before deployment.

Early on, the company recognized the challenge and need in having remote control tools to access its clients computers. While using such tools as Apple Remote Desktop and Timbuktu, there were always trade offs depending upon the tool being used. Fobis realized it needed something that was both easy to setup as well as easy to deploy, and that would work in any location where the client would request assistance. The company started using Mac HelpMate about four years ago and the product has easily met or exceeded its internal needs.

“Beyond Mac HelpMate working very well for us, the real benefit for us was the ability to personally brand the software. Many clients think we developed the tool and it’s a great impression for us whenever the client launches Mac HelpMate and sees our company logo prominently displayed," states John Stephen, owner of Fobis Technologies. “The developers also keep improving the feature set of the product to provide even greater levels of functionality”.